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Merry Christmas from The Chibi Project

Episode 24 of The Chibi Project was posted yesterday. That makes 12 episodes that we've posted every two weeks since July. Phew!

This episode covers the test I did on the Sailor Moon Cycle at West Virginia's Tsubasacon in 2005. I crushed it with a heavy lead weight. That was fun. Lots of pieces! This is also the final recap that we'll be doing since it was the only one left. That means that everything from this point on will be brand new material!

The Chibi Project will be taking a well-earned break until we start season 2 in the spring. During the break, we'll be reorganizing the web site, putting together a new title sequence for the opening theme, and making plans for season 2 experiments. While you wait, you can still take our survey so that we know what you like and don't like and we can improve the podcast.

I'd like to thank everyone who has helped with The Chibi Project to date. Everyone who has subscribed... Everyone who has e-mailed or left voice mail... Everyone who has donated a toy, especially Mara, Andyi, and Jeff... The conventions who have invited us to appear, Bakuretsu Con, Nan Desu Kan, Tsubasacon, Animaritime, and San Japan... Our special guests Greg Ayres and Brian Brushwood... Finally, a very special thank you to my co-hosts and fellow experimenters, Buford, Jon, Kristian, Lizz, and Jekka, without whom The Chibi Project would be boring as hell. I hope I didn't forget anyone.

Although we won't have any new episodes until the spring, Jekka and I may decide to give out some sneak peeks or special previews before then. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast in iTunes if you want to see this stuff. (It's free and you don't need an iPod to do it.)

Obligatory links:

...and no, we haven't forgotten about the Naruto headband experiments we promised. Stop asking. :P

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Episode 23 is a blend of success and failure

So Episode 23 of The Chibi Project was posted this morning.

This is the first episode since way back in Episode 2 where we cover more than one experiment. This episode covers our failed attempt at blending Megaman and then our eventual revenge as he is shot into tiny pieces.

Some fun facts for you...
  • Part of Episode 24 was filmed right after this.
  • The blender has been in our opening title sequence since Episode 9.
  • Now that the blender has been featured in an episode, there is only one remaining clip from the opening title sequence that hasn't been seen in any episode to date...and it won't ever be. It was filmed for another purpose which we might talk about some other day.
  • One more episode left in the season!
  • I think I had a voice mail to put in this episode, but I forgot. Sorry!
  • Take The Chibi Project Survey! Please!
  • Jekka and I are already talking about stuff for season 2. It's gonna be EPIC! Season 2 will start in the spring...but we may show the premiere at Anime Boston. We haven't decided yet.
  • Episode 24 (the last for the season) will be posted on Christmas Eve.

Links from the episode:

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The Chibi Project episode 20 - Bootlegs vs Jigsaw

So we posted Episode 19 a week late due to scheduling issues, but Episode 20 of The Chibi Project is right on time, just a week after Episode 19!

If you missed Episode 19, I'm going to assume it's because you're busy like me...and not because you're lame and haven't subscribed to the podcast. Anyway, Jekka and I sit in her basement and recap the experiment where we crushed Shinji's head with a train. I tell you, that's just pure excitement right there.

Okay, maybe not...

However, I got out the power tools for Episode 20 and brought a jigsaw and bag full of bootleg DVDs to Bakuretsu Con where I conducted a live experiment. It's now posted as Episode 20 and includes an intro by Greg Ayres (aka bam2)...so check it out!

Episode 20 is the 3rd largest episode we've had to date (if measured by file size) and that's partly because I had so many bootlegs. Also, Greg's intro is the longest intro we've done yet, but probably one of the best. I like it. The episode also gave me a couple other things which will probably end up as bonus material on DVD volume 3 someday.

In case you're curious, Jekka and I have already shot Episode 21. We're not telling you what it is, but I will say that it's another recap episode. (We're almost done with those, I promise!) We called this our "shiny" episode...and you'll see why in two weeks.

Anyway, don't forget to subscribe and all that jazz.

Also, take our survey at survey.chibiproject.com to tell us what you like and don't like about our little podcast.

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Episode 18 ...because I think DBZ is dumb.

So, it's this Wednesday and not last Wednesday or next Wednesday. That means there's a new episode of The Chibi Project out!


Okay, so it's pretty hard to top what had to have been the coolest experiment ever in Episode 17, so we tried to compensate with some shots of some cute bunnies this week. Say hello to Baxter and Linus in their world premiere appearance. Baxter is the one with the dark nose and ears. If you're curious, they're lionhead rabbits, which is apparently some kind of new breed that has branched off of angora rabbits. They're just about fully grown and still under two pounds. They're also very, very friendly and very, very soft.

...but enough about bunnies, we did some destruction too!

This episode is a recap of an experiment I did back at Nan Desu Kan 2004 in Aurora, Colorado, right outside Denver. Again, I faced limitations in what I could bring due to flying in...so I brought my Dremel tool and cut the limbs off Great Saiyaman from Dragonball Z.

With me this week is K.T.F. Terison, our theme song composer, who was last seen in Episode 10 with the chainsaw.

Don't forget to become a fan of The Chibi Project on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. Also, if you're 21 or over and in New England this weekend, stop by Providence Anime Conference to see Jekka and me in Anime Unscripted.
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The Chibi Project - Episode 17 will be one of the legendary ones

Ten years from now when you think back to those things called "podcasts" that you could subscribe to for free on the "Internet", you may remember one dirty little podcast called "The Chibi Project". When you do, you'll probably end up thinking of that episode where that guy with the spikey hair blows a giant fireball and torches Sailor Mars.

Well, that episode is NOW!

If you haven't seen it already since you subscribe in iTunes, head on over to http://podcast.chibiproject.com/episode.shtml?17 and watch it. It is awesome...and we're not just saying that...everyone else is too.

In fact, so many people think it's awesome that it has catapulted The Chibi Project to the #3 podcast on Pyro.tv. We're #2 in Comedy. Check it out! The #1 show on Pyro.tv is The Totally Rad Show and it's the one that plays if you go to Pyro.tv's main page...so that's sort of cheating. (TRS stars Alex Albrecht, from whom I stole the Webby Award in Episode 12 of The Chibi Project.)

It's all thanks to Brian Brushwood of the popular podcast Scam School. He's the reason this episode is so epic! ...so to any of his fans that have discovered us through him, WELCOME!

Anyway, go watch it if you haven't already. If you have, watch it again...or subscribe in iTunes and carry it around with you in your iPod or iPhone. (I'd say Zune, but who seriously owns one of those?)

We hope to be back in another 2 weeks with another episode. I have no idea how we'll top that.

Also, there will be a Chibi Project panel at Bakuretsu Con in Burlington, VT in late October. More details on that later.
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Chibi Project Episode 16 - Chii vs Fireworks

Episode 16 of The Chibi Project Podcast has been posted for all the world to see. You can find it:
In this episode, we show the video of what happens when Chii faces fireworks. It's not pretty. Well, actually, it kind of is...with all those flaming balls and whatnot.

Two errors to note in the podcast:
  1. I said Chii wasn't covered in lighter fluid. Actually, she was.
  2. We say we didn't get any voice mails. Actually, we did get one, but it came in too late to be included. It will be in the next episode. Call us and yours might be too. (206) 222-2191.

Jekka's cat, Callie, joins the podcast, Patrick talks about The Alamo, and Jekka talks at length about David Duchovny's sex addiction. Why? Nobody knows.

Here are links to the things mentioned in the podcast:
  1. LiveJournal (you're already here!)
  2. The Chibi Project on Facebook
  3. Patrick's Twitter
  4. The Chibi Project web site
  5. Providence Anime Conference
  6. Anime Unscripted
  7. iTunes
  8. Pyro.tv

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Episode 15

Episode 15 of The Chibi Project has been posted. If you're subscribing on iTunes, you should be able to find it now.

For this episode, I traveled to San Japan in San Antonio, Texas and held a live panel there on Saturday afternoon. For this experiment, I took Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho and she was hung, drawn, and quartered. ...mostly quartered. I was quite impressed that the figure was so well made. It was difficult to dismember her, but that was a difficulty that was eventually overcome.

There's a bit of the Q&A session in the episode too. I also talk about upcoming tests...and make a baby cry.

Show notes are here: http://podcast.chibiproject.com/episode.shtml?15

Also, we're still conducting our survey. Take a minute and fill it out to help us make the podcast better:
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Episode 14

It seems like just two weeks since I posted Episode 13. Maybe that's because it has been. In any case, Episode 14 was just posted to the world. If you get your video podcasts by way of iTunes, you should be able to download it now. A perfect way for you to goof off for almost nine minutes of your Wednesday workday.

If you watch the episodes on sites like Pyro.tv, then they should have the episode fairly soon. (I haven't quite figured out when they update yet.)

In this episode, seraphwings and I recap the time when an anonymous former scientist and I destroyed Pikachu at Anime Boston 2004. Good times...good times...

By the way, if I do not survive until tomorrow, it is because Jekka killed me in my sleep. She didn't know I was going to put that little bit after the credits. :) Jekka, I promise that Episode 15 will not have anything to embarrass you...that one's ALL ME. :o

Oh, and if anyone is going to San Japan this weekend, be sure to say hello! If you're going to some other con...then to hell with you! :P
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Chibi update

So here's what's up at The Chibi Project...
  • Episode 13 was posted last Wednesday. Have you watched it yet?
  • I will be at ConnectiCon. I've been listed as a guest on their web site for a year, but they forgot to print my bio in the program. Boo! There is no Chibi Project panel, but I will be hosting Anime Unscripted on Saturday afternoon. Look for "Anime Uncripted" in the schedule. (They spelled it wrong.)
  • Episode 14 will be posted a week from today. I'm editing the episode this week.
  • Next Thursday, I fly out to San Japan in San Antonio, Texas! I'll be doing the first live Chibi Project panel in Texas! I'll also be hosting Anime Unscripted and doing a panel about anime conventions.
  • Episode 15 (which will be recorded at San Japan) will be out on Wednesday, August 20th. (Two weeks after Episode 14. Do you see a pattern here?)
  • We're currently ranked #5 in Comedy and #13 overall on Pyro.tv. (As you'll see, seraphwings and I talk about our ranking in Episode 14.)
  • I've been planning a new intro for the podcast. It probably won't show up until Episode 16 at the absolute earliest.
  • Leave us voice mails. Put our number in your cell phone and call when you're bored. It amuses us so much! (206) 222-2191
  • Tell your friends about us! Spread the word!
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